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[Sunday-Thursday only] Click here to make a reservation for takeout♪

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Reservation form for takeout only.Please note that this is not a seat reservation.Please enter the details of your order in the remarks column.The Bag will be paid, so please bring an eco bag, etc.

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Please fill in the reservation details in the remarks column.

Some menu items may not be available.

Bags are also available for a fee.Please bring your own bag.

*Also available at stores.

☆Online order procedure☆

"Proceed to reservation for this course"

"Number of people" 1 person [Please select "1 person" even if you order more than one]

"Date" Select the date you want to receive

"Time" Select the desired pick-up time

"Seat" Takeout only [Click here for takeout] Please select.

*Please click here for confirmation.

Please enter [desired product and quantity] in "requests".

There is a charge for bags.Please bring an eco bag.

[Note] We may not be able to respond.

If you have any questions about the amount of money or if you have a severe allergy, please let us know well in advance.

Available days for reservation
Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday/Day before holiday/Holiday

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